Worker’s Compensation

Dr. Kassicieh is certified by the State of Florida, Division of Workers’ Compensation as an expert in Neurology. He has been providing Worker’s Compensation and medical-legal services in the Sarasota area for twenty years.

Over the past twenty years, Dr. Kassicieh has performed 200-300 IMEs and reviewed approximately 900 cases for Utilization Reviews. He has rendered neurological findings and opinions in numerous cases that have been accepted by Judges of Compensation as being Expert Opinions. He has testified by deposition in well over 500 cases as well as appearing in court several times as an Expert Witness.

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Worker’s Compensation Cases

  • Comprehensive Evaluations and Treatment
  • Neurophysiologic Studies: EMG, NCV, EEG
  • Second Opinions
  • Independent Medical Exams – Dr. Kassicieh has performed several hundred IMEs over the past 20 years.
  • Treatment Utilization Reviews

Medical-Legal Services

  • Independent Medical Exams – Accepted by Judges of Compensation as expert opinion
  • Expert Opinions – Dr. Kassicieh has rendered medical opinions in Neurology. He will appear by deposition or in person as an expert witness.
  • Case Reviews with Narrative Summary – Dr. Kassicieh is available for comprehensive chart review and attorney conference.
  • Utilizations Reviews
  • Expert Witness in Neurology